Ex-Wife of Infowars Host Alex Jones Says He's 'Worse in Real Life'

She is currently locked in a bitter custody dispute over her children with the controversial host.

The ex-wife of Alex Jones, America’s most notorious conspiracy theorist, says it may be the end of the line for her controversial former husband following his ban by Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

On his website, Infowars, Jones touts what many deem offensive and outrageous claims. He famously called the Sandy Hook school shooting a hoax although he later admitted the massacre really happened.
“Sandy Hook is synthetic, completely fake with actors, in my view, manufactured,” he said on his show in 2012. 

Several families, who lost loved ones at Sandy Hook, are suing Alex Jones for defamation. 

“Alex has clearly said repeatedly that these beautiful children were not real, these deceased children; as a mom I just can't understand a worse kind of hell,” his ex, Kelly Jones,  told Inside Edition. 

She said that off camera, she believes he is “worse in real life,” adding, “he's an unhappy, unwell man.” 

Alex Jones has said his on air persona at times is an act.

Kelly Jones is locked in a bitter custody dispute with her ex-husband over their three children. During their 12 years of marriage, Kelly Jones claims her ex-husband was emotionally abusive.

“What Alex has done after I filed for divorce is much more abusive than what I experienced in the marriage because he's used litigation to hurt the children to hurt me,” she said. 

Last year, a jury awarded Kelly Jones joint custody of their kids, making her home the primary residence.

She said she's still waiting for her kids to move home as her ex-husband battles her in court. He claims Kelly Jones mistreated the children and  it is in their best interest to  live with him.

Meanwhile, Alex Jones is calling on President Trump to help him regain his social media platforms, telling his followers, "We need to call the White House, go to Trump rallies” in order to get their message heard. 

"Infowars is the most censored program in the world because we know the truth,” Alex Jones said in a statement Tuesday. “I am afraid that he is going to be so upset and out of control that it will even be more dangerous,” she said.

Kelly Jones hopes he's yanked permanently.

“He's engaging in racist and hateful speech. He needs to be held accountable," she said. 

The Joneses are due back in court next month on the child custody dispute.