Experts Say Melting Snow Off Mount Kilimanjaro Due to Climate Change Is Affecting Wildlife

One cause of the melting snow, some believe, is climate change. 

Melting snow off Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is causing drastic consequences for the wildlife in Amboseli National Park. The region now has swampy areas that are affecting the ecosystem. 

“Melting of the mountain in the other side is not very good,” Dr. Patrick Omondi from the Wildlife Research and Training Institute states.

“High temperatures mean there comes with the drought, and it means animals [are] fast, wide, and far, and it escalates the human-wildlife conflict.”

“With more permanent water, the area have become a new bird paradise. Flamingos, known to live in tropical climates, are seen near the water.”

One cause of the melting snow, some believe, is climate change.

“But this is caused by maybe global warming,” Omondi adds. “In the past, we have actually seen some very devastating effects of the climate change.”

To address the changes in the environment, dams and trees may need to be planted, which could interfere with the behavior of animals.

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