Fake Hues? Renoir Painting That Hangs in Trump Tower Is a Knock-Off, Art Institute Says

Trump's painting has been spotted in the background of interviews, but it's not real, according to the Chicago Institute of Art.

A Renoir painting proudly displayed by Donald Trump is really just a fake, according to the Chicago Institute of Art.

The work of art is titled “Two Sisters (On the Terrace)” and was painted by the famous impressionist in 1881. It hangs in the Chicago museum.

Trump’s painting has been seen in the background during the 60 Minutes interview that followed his election victory, as well as a 2016 interview with Melania Trump by Greta Van Susteren.

“Trump thinks he owns a Renoir, but Art Institute says real one hangs in Chicago,” a Chicago Tribune headline reads.

Trump biographer Tim O’Brien said in a recent Vanity Fair podcast that he first saw the billionaire’s painting hanging in his private jet.

“We're sitting at a table in the back of the jet and behind him on the wall was this knock-off, this Renoir knock-off, and it clearly was a knock off,” O’Brien said.

"I asked him about the painting and Donald said, 'It's a(n) original Renoir.' And I said, 'No, it's not, Donald.'"

But Trump insisted it was real.

“I said, ‘No it’s not, Donald.  I grew up in Chicago. That Renoir is called 'Two Sisters on a Terrace' and it's hanging on a wall at The Art Institute of Chicago. That's not an original.'"

Trump replied, "Oh no, no, no, no, it's an original," O’Brien recounted.