Fake Melania Theories Are Back

Social media users are wondering again if first lady Melania Trump has a body double after President Trump visited Alabama with a wife who looked a little different.

The conspiracy theory that the first lady has a body double was reignited after the president visited Alabama to honor victims of the tornado.

Photos of the first couple have circulated across the internet, leaving many questioning if the woman in the photo was really her. The #FakeMelania hashtag began trending.

“Unless Melania has [shrunk] by about 6 inches and grown jowels overnight, this ain’t her,” was one tweet.

“The recasting of Melania is the worst I’ve seen, goes another,” was another. 

Others point to Melania Trump’s tight clasp on the president's hand.

“Real Melania would never dream of standing so close to big D,” was one tweet. 

Then there was the video of the first lady deplaning Friday night in West Palm Beach.

 "This woman is walking and waving without Melania's signature stiffness,”someone on social media cried. 

The speculation that Melania sometimes sends a double to make official appearances with her husband first surfaced in 2017. 

Joe Vargas is said to have started the conspiracy theory.

"It sounds kooky but then when you actually see the videos of #FakeMelania in 2017 and the most recent one, you look at it and you are like, ‘Yeah, this doesn’t really look like her,'" he told Inside Edition. 

He said he does believe there is a phony first lady, adding, "It is a conspiracy but a very believable conspiracy." 

The White House has called the theory "ridiculous."