Families of Those Missing After Boat Capsizes in The Congo Still Search for Answers

After a boat capsized in Lake Kivu in The Congo, several died and even more have yet to be found.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, bordering Rwanda, a boat carrying about 100 people capsized and sank. 

The boat was in Kalehe territory of south Kivu, near Lake Kivu, according to The Associated Press.

Alexis Simba, whose children and wife were on the boat, told the AP, "Here I am in pain and I have a great sadness because it is not easy to lose a wife, and I had nine children. My dead boys had just graduated from school."

Ezechiel Matakumba survived the sinking, but continues to look for his pregnant wife. She is believed dead. 

According to the AP, there are dozens still missing and feared dead in Lake Kivu. Several volunteers and authorities are searching for those who have yet to be found. 

These rivers and lakes are a more inexpensive route of travel due to the bad roads in the area, and boat crashes are common in this area because of the poor quality of boat material, according to the outlet. 

According to the AP, the head of the village where a majority of the victims were from is calling for ports at the rivers and proper rescue systems for better water safety and efficiency in the future.

About 15 bodies were recovered and 60 others were rescued. According to the outlet, about 34 people still remain missing.

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