Family Is 'Dead Inside' After 2-Year-Old Son Tumbles Down 330-Feet-Deep Well

Rescue workers are continuing their search after he went missing Sunday.

The family of a 2-year-old boy who fell down a 330-feet-deep hole days ago is not giving up hope that the poor tot may still be alive.

Rescue workers are continuing their desperate search for Julen Rosello, the toddler who plummeted down a well Sunday as the family was picnicking in the town of Totalan on Spain’s southern coast.

“My wife is broken. We are dead inside, but we hope we have an angel to get my son out of there,” the boy’s dad, Jose Rosello, told reporters, according to NBC News.

Julen had apparently wandered away from the family, and his cries could be heard as he fell into the well. While DNA hair samples collected from the well confirm the boy is inside, no one has heard screams from the boy since his initial descent, the Washington Post reported.

More than 100 rescue workers have been involved in the search since it began, but the hole is only about 10 inches wide, making it impossible for an adult to enter, the Associated Press reported.

Instead, they used a robotic camera to observe the hole, and spotted a bag of candy Julen had been carrying at the time he went missing.

Officials are continuing to dig for the boy using heavy boring machinery to reach the deepest parts of the shaft, according to The Associated Press.

“It feels like we have been waiting for months,” Rosello said.

The couple reportedly also lost their son Oliver in 2017. He was 3 when he reportedly suffered a heart attack on the beach.