Woman Who Nearly Died Trapped in Mud Reunites With Her Rescuers

Amanda Nicole Antonio, 20, thought she was going to die after her car flipped and she landed upside down in the mud.

It was a race against the clock on New Year’s Day in Tampa, Florida, as a woman found herself trapped upside down in mud.

"My car is flipped and I can't see anything and there's water getting in the car,” she told the 911 operator. “I’m freezing. I am so scared.” 

Amanda Nicole Antonio, 20, was desperately gasping for air as she sank farther in the mud, begging the 911 operator for help as the seconds ticked by. 

The dramatic 20-minute 911 call detailed the terrifying aftermath of the crash that occurred just before 4 a.m. on New Year’s Day.

She could not kick out the windows and as Antonio started losing air, she realized her phone might be able to help first responders find her.

“I’m near the amphitheater. On the exit right next to the amphitheater,” she said, after opening her location on Google Maps. 

Minutes later, just as the water was at her chin, help arrived. 

On Thursday, Antonio was reunited with the people who came to her rescue. 

"They truly saved my life because without them there is no way I would have gotten out alive," she said at a press conference.

She said she thought she had about 30 seconds left before she would have been completely submerged.