Virginia Teen Crashes Through Parents' Garage, Leaving Dad Fuming and Brother Laughing

Scott Johnson, 15, thought his parents were going to kill him.

A Virginia teen learning to drive accidentally plowed right into his parents' garage door in a moment caught on camera.

Scott Johnson, 15, hit the gas instead of the brake and slammed right into the door. "I thought my dad was going to kill me, I thought my mom, Lisa, was gonna flip," Scott told Inside Edition. 

Scott, his dad, Dwayne, and younger brother, Ashton were all in the car, as they were returning from a trip to the store in Ruther Glen, when things went haywire.

"I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, my truck, my house, my wife is gonna kill me,'" his father told Inside Edition. 

Scott crashed right into the garage, leaving his father to use nothing but choice swear words. 

Scott could be heard apologizing in the video that Dwayne posted to Facebook this week. 

While Scott was hoping to not be grounded for the rest of his life and his father was cursing up a storm, his brother thought the whole situation was hilarious. 

"I think he can do better, but I think he is going to have to wait until he is 18," Ashton added. 

Fortunately the garage door has been replaced and the car only sustained a few nicks. 

As for Scott, he's learned a very important lesson. 

"He knows where the brake is now!" his dad said.