Idaho Single Mother of 3 Gets New Car From Secret Santa After Hers Dies

Nikkie Schwemmer was surprised with a new car.

Nikkie Schwemmer supports three children on her own in a house that needs multiple repairs, and is without a car to get to work since hers died and couldn't be resurrected. 

She had been borrowing her parents' vehicle because she couldn't afford to buy another. 

But then a stranger knocked on her Idaho door on a snowy day recently to tell her she was the proud new owner of a blueberry-colored Subaru.

Schwemmer couldn't speak. She smacked her hand to her mouth, bent double, then stared in disbelief. "Oh my gosh," she finally managed. "Oh my gosh." She kept repeating that, even as she sat in the driver's seat and inserted her new key in the ignition.

"Oh my gosh."

Her good fortune came courtesy of, which partners each Christmas with Secret Santa donors to provide needed gifts to people who go above and beyond in their ordinary lives.

"That was my dream car," the mother exclaimed when she saw the compact vehicle. "It's the perfect color."

Her young daughter was similarly impressed.

"It's a blueberry!" she shouted with glee.