Secret Santa Gives $10K to Idaho Couple That Took In 4 Kids After Parents Took Their Own Lives

The size of the Weber family roughly doubled.

It's not been an easy year for the Weber family.

The number of children in their Idaho home roughly doubled after tragedy hit them not once, but twice. Dan and Lana Weber have five children of their own.

Late last year Lana's brother, Darin Hammond, took his own life. In April, his widow, Emilia, ended her life, orphaning their four children — Symphony, Gavin, Halle and Eva.

The Webers, without a second thought, took in their nieces and nephew. Now they are looking after nine children in their Madison County home.

And so it was that learned of the family and their special circumstances. The news outlet annually shares Christmas cheer through a Secret Santa program that gives money to good and needy people.

Representatives of the site recently showed up unannounced at the Weber home and gave them a small box. 

Asked to describe his family, and how they've fared this year, Dan replied, "Our family family is an interesting family, " he said, carefully choosing his words. He and Lana have been married for 26 years, he said, and now they have four more kids to raise.

"It's been good," he said of 2018. "Great kids. They've been through a lot. We've been through a lot."

Lana agreed, adding, "We've had a lot of loss." Having her brother's children join their family was a good thing, she said. "They've been such a joy. And a blessing."

She was asked what she had learned from the tragedy of losing her brother and her sister-in-law. The importance of family, she said. "Hold them close. Live in the moment."

The couple was told to open the tiny box. Lana pulled out a check for $10,000. She and her husband struggled for words. "Wow," said Dan, his eyes brimming. "That's amazing," said Lana.