Family Dresses Dog Up As Her Favorite UPS Driver For Halloween: 'They Have a Really Special Bond'

They have known each other for five years.


One family’s dog loves their UPS driver so much that they decided to dress the pup up for Halloween in honor of her special friend. 

Stephanie Heer, of Illinois, said her 10-year-old pit bull Lucy has loved their UPS driver, Paul, since she met him five years ago. They immediately hit it off. 

“They just have a really special bond. Our UPS driver loves dogs and he always gravitated towards Lucy,” Heer told “Every time Lucy sees his truck she will sprint over and run inside it. She will wag her tail and gets so excited.”

Paul usually treats Lucy to a dog cookie as well. 

“He gives her the cookie and rubs her belly,” Heer said. 

The family orders packages as often as possible so Lucy can see Paul.

When Halloween rolled around this year, Heer wanted to honor their bond, so she ordered Lucy a UPS costume online.

“I actually wanted to buy the costume last year but it was out of stock,” Heer said. 

But this year, nothing was stopping her. 

Heer dressed Lucy in the costume and snapped some photos of her and Paul.

“Paul was ecstatic. He couldn’t believe how cute it looked on her,” Heer said.