Family Mourns Mother Stabbed, Bludgeoned to Death in Church Nearly 3 Years Ago

The husband and daughters of a woman who was killed inside a Texas church are hoping that killer isn't still walking around.

Nearly three years after Missy Bevers was mysteriously killed inside a Texas church, her family still holds out hope the murder will be solved. 

Chilling video captured the suspected killer — clad in tactical gear — moving through the corridors of the Creekside Church in Midlothian early in the morning of April 18, 2016. 

Shortly afterward, Missy, a 45-year-old fitness instructor and mother of three who was at the church to teach a class, was stabbed and bludgeoned to death. Her body was discovered by her students about an hour later.

"Me, my children, the family, everybody — we think about this daily," husband Brandon Bevers told Inside Edition. 

Police said it's not clear whether Missy was targeted or if she merely interrupted a crime in progress. But the video holds intriguing clues about the suspect's identity: They're anywhere from 5-foot-2 to 5-foot-7 and, police say, could be a woman. 

The suspected killer also has a very distinctive gait, something that's haunted Brandon in the years since Missy's murder.

"When I see similar mannerisms with other people, I actually follow those people out to their car, get their license plates and turn them in," Brandon said. 

In the immediate aftermath of his wife's death, Brandon especially struggled when he was considered as a possible suspect himself. 

"I wanted to get my name off the table so that they could move oto something relevant," he recalled, adding that he couldn't bear watching footage of Missy being killed. "I thought that the investigators had video of the actual murder taking place. I was scared to death they had that and they were going to show it to me."

Their children were dragged into it too. 

"I've had people on Facebook message me and say ... 'Your dad did this, your dad killed your mom,'" said daughter Hannah. "My dad loved my mom and I know that 100 percent."

The family now guards precious memories of Missy close. Brandon is particularly fond of listening to a voicemail she left just before her death. "Hey sweetie, I was just calling to tell you I love you and good luck today," Missy says in the recording. "I love you. Have a good day."

For daughter Allison, the loss felt like a blow. "I was home-schooled through seventh grade," she said. "I was with her every single day."

What they wish most of all is to learn what happened to their mom and wife.

"It would definitely help to give some comfort to us knowing that the person that killed my mom isn't out there anymore," said Hannah.