Family of Missouri Freshman Left Paralyzed in Alleged Fraternity Hazing Incident Releases Chilling Video

Danny Santulli's blood alcohol level was six times the legal limit before he was revived by doctors and placed on a ventilator. Earlier that night, members of the Phi Gamma Delta allegedly pressured him to finish an entire bottle of vodka.

Chilling surveillance video shows the alleged hazing of a college freshman who was left brain damaged and unable to walk, talk or see. 

Danny Santulli was seen on the video marching downstairs and blindfolded with other pledges at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity at the University of Missouri last October.

“I’m sad for him,” said Santulli’s mom, Mary Pat Santulli. “You know, just what he went through. He didn’t deserve it.”

The extraordinary video, released by the family’s lawyer, shows the tragic timeline of the incident.

At 9:55 p.m., Santulli can be seen inside the fraternity house carrying a bottle of vodka. His family says he was told to finish the bottle before the night was over.

Nearly 30 minutes later, he was still trying to down the bottle. A frat brother poured beer into his mouth with a funnel.  

About another half-hour went by and Santulli fell over. Some frat brothers carried him out of the room and dropped him on a couch. 

At 12:38 a.m., Santulli slid off the couch, head first. After apparently checking for a pulse at 12:43 a.m., the frat members lifted Santulli off the couch and carried him out, but accidentally dropped him on his head.

By the time they brought him to the hospital, it was too late. Santulli wasn't breathing, and his heart had stopped. His blood alcohol level was six times the legal limit. Doctors managed to revive him, and he was placed on a ventilator.

When Santulli’s family was told about what happened, they were in shock. 

“It's every parent's worst nightmare. It was the worst night of my life. Once I got there and he was on the respirator, and [there were] so many tubes coming out, my heart sank,” Mary Pat said. 

Eight months after that night, the mom has quit her banking job to take care of her son full time.

“He can’t move any of his body. He needs help with bathing, getting up in his chair. He’s not eating. He still has his feeding tube. We have to administer his meds in the morning. It’s just nonstop,” Mary Pat said.

Santulli’s family shared touching home videos with Inside Edition. That’s how they want to remember him, rather than what’s on the disturbing pledge night video.

“This is, without a doubt, the worst fraternity hazing incident injury case that there's ever been in the United States. It couldn't be any worse and have someone still be alive,” said the family’s attorney, David Bianchi.

Two members of the fraternity have been charged with felony hazing.

The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity says Santulli should not have been put in this situation, adding they prohibit hazing and giving alcohol to minors. They also say the chapter is now closed.

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