Mackenzie Lueck Disappearance: Where Is Utah Student Who Vanished a Week Ago? | Inside Edition

Family Seeking Answers in Disappearance of Utah Student Mackenzie Lueck

The college student was last heard from on June 17.
Salt Lake City Police

Mackenzie Lueck’s parents last heard from her when she texted them at 1 a.m. on June 17.

The family of a Utah student who has been missing for a week is searching for answers.

Mackenzie Lueck’s parents last heard from her when she texted them at 1 a.m. on June 17. She informed them she made it safely back to Salt Lake City on a flight. They haven’t heard from the 23-year-old since. 

"Since Monday, she has missed her midterms at the University of Utah and has not been in communication with family or friends," the family said in a statement. 

The student took a Lyft to an address in North Salk Lake after she landed and the Lyft reached its destination, according to police. Police also said the driver continued on with his shift after the drop-off. 

The Lyft driver is reportedly cooperating with the investigation.

"We recognize how scary this must be for those who know and love Ms. Lueck,” said a spokesperson for the ride-sharing company. "The safety of our community is fundamental to Lyft."

A Facebook page titled “Find Mackenzie Lueck” has been posting updates about the case. 

The Salt Lake City Police Department said it hasn’t discovered any information thus far that would leave them to believe Lueck has been harmed or is in danger.

"Our primary goal is to find Mackenzie and bring her home. Her family is grateful for the concern, prayers and the tireless efforts of the Salt Lake City Police and members of the community," the family statement continued. 

Police are asking anyone with information to call (801) 799-3000.