Family Who Lost Piano in Hurricane Harvey Receives a Brand New One Thanks to Vanessa Carlton

It was a $7,000 gift.

A Texas’ family’s house is starting to feel like home again after they were gifted a brand new piano. 

Aric Harding, of Friendswood, said Hurricane Harvey, which hit in August, cost their family at least $100,000 and they are still rebuilding although they moved back into their home in November. 

A video of Harding playing his son’s piano in his flooded home went viral in August after many saw it as a symbol of hope.

“We had more than two feet of water in the house during the storm,” Harding told “I had gone back to my house to get some stuff. My older son, he’s a piano player. So I stopped and had a buddy videotape me playing it.”

Harding wanted to show his 14-year-old son that his beloved instrument was still working but the piano did sustain damage after the strings rusted and the bass board broke due to the floods. 

When singer Vanessa Carlton got wind of the special video after it went viral, she made it her mission to help the Harding family get a new one.

“'Beauty in the suffering': His house submerged in water, he sits at... @yamahapianos we need to get him a piano,” Carlton posted on Twitter.

“Sher saw the video and got a hold of Yamaha. Yamaha and Carlton got together and said, 'Hey, we want to give you a new piano,’” Harding said. 

The family even got to pick out their new $7,000 piano themselves. Last Friday, they moved it into their home.

“To see a piano, which is a staple in our home come back, it really felt like we were getting our house back together,” Harding said. 

His son is practicing for an upcoming competition so he has been on the instrument every day since.