Family of Woman Allegedly Murdered by Her Look-Alike: 'It's Just Sick'

Pam Hutchinson was allegedly killed by Lois Riess, who is also wanted in the murder of her own husband.

The family of a woman who was allegedly targeted and murdered by a woman who looked just like her called the killer "sick."

Police say 59-year-old Pam Hutchinson was killed earlier this month by 56-year-old Lois Riess, who is also wanted in the murder of her own husband in March.

Riess is believed to have befriended Hutchinson in Fort Myers, Fla., before killing her and stealing her identity.

Two of Hutchinson's cousins, Tarus Woelk and Daniele Jeffreys, told Inside Edition she had gone to Fort Myers for a vacation. They stayed in touch with her via Facebook, where she posted photos of her relaxing stay.

"She's very friendly and outgoing," Woelk said. "She hates being alone herself. She was always reaching out ... She's a really friendly, easy, approachable person."

But on the very last day of her trip, she met Riess and wrote on Facebook, "I'm staying another night."

"She decided she would stay one more day and that turned out to ... change her life," Jeffreys said. 

Surveillance footage shows Riess chatting with Hutchinson at a bar.

"Here is this lady, just giggling, laughing and smiling, thinking in the back of her mind, 'You will be my next victim,'" said Woelk. "I mean, it's just sick."

Riess, who ran a children's day care center in Minnesota, is believed to have killed her husband, David, at their home in March. She then allegedly went on the lam, stopping at Diamond Joe's Casino in Iowa to feed her gambling habit.

She then went to Florida, where she allegedly met and killed Hutchinson.

Surveillance footage caught her leaving Hutchinson's home and allegedly taking her car. Police say she drove 1,300 miles to Corpus Christi, Texas, and now fear she may have crossed the border into Mexico.