Fan Causes Huge Cyclist Crash During First Stage of the Tour de France

Group of cyclists during second stage of Tour de France 2021Group of cyclists during second stage of Tour de France 2021
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A zealous fan stepped in the pathway of the cyclists and caused a domino pileup, leading to some injuries and one cyclists leaving the competition.

During the first stage of the Tour de France, an excited fan stepped into the pathway of the cyclists, seemingly to show a message to the television cameras. German cyclist Tony Martin was the first to collide with the fan, ultimately leading to dozens of other cyclists crashing as well. 

Jasha Sütterlin, member of Team DSM, was forced to leave the race due to an injury sustained from the accident. A second major crash occurred less than 8 miles from the end of the first stage.

A statement on Facebook stated that law enforcement officials in France have opened an investigation into the cause of "unintentional manifestly deliberate violation of an obligation of safety or prudence," according to CNN.

Bradley Wiggins, the winner of the Tour de France in 2012  said he had no sympathy for the fan involved, and is not sure what officials can do to mitigate this behavior.

"They're part and parcel of the spectacle of the Tour de France," he told Eurosport. "And this year, in particular, being able to come back onto the route and watch it. I don't know how you police it."

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