After Deadly Bus Accident, Cyclists Warned Against Wearing Giant Headphones

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With the number of pedestrians and cyclists killed while wearing headphones tripling in a six-year period, officials are warning of the deadly combination of listening devices and busy streets. 

Shocking surveillance video from June 2017 shows a bus mowing down 30-year-old investment banker Dan Hanegby, who was on a bicycle in New York City. He later died from his injuries. 

Now some are pointing out the fact that the cyclist was wearing large over-the-ear headphones and may not have heard the bus approaching.

Inside Edition spoke with bike safety expert Dr. Corey Basch about the dangers of riding a bike while listening to music. 

“It's incredibly dangerous," she said. "It is something we totally advise against."

Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian tested exactly how hazardous over-the-ear headphones can be to riders on the streets

With headphones on, he said “both ears hard to hear. Can't really hear anything.” 

“It's not a freak thing, in this day and age we're all on our devices so much our safety is compromised,” Dr. Basch added. "One second can make a difference." 

Best advice of all is to always be aware of your surroundings. In fact, it's illegal in many places to wear both ear buds while driving cars or riding bikes.


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