Farmer Amputates His Own Leg After Getting Trapped in Machine

He knew he had to act fast so he took the knife out of his pocket.
Madonna Rehabilitation Center (Facebook)

A wrong step cost a Nebraska farmer a leg after it became trapped in a grain auger. To free himself, he amputated his own limb.

Kurtis Kaser, 63, told CNN that after his foot got caught in the machine on a farm in Pender by himself, he knew he had to act fast. He wasn't sure how long he'd stay conscious.

That's when Kaser remembered he had a pocket knife with him.

"I didn't have a phone on me, I didn't know where it had gone, so I just started cutting with the knife," Kaser told the station. "I knew I was done cutting because I felt a funny feeling, maybe it was a tendon I cut."

Kaser then crawled to his house and was able to call for help. He was rushed to Bryan Medical Center in a helicopter.

He’s now recovering at a rehabilitation center.

Although the ordeal was not ideal, Kaser has been able to remain positive after the experience. He’ll eventually get a prosthetic, he said.

"Everyone asks me why I am so calm about the situation and the truth is, when I was in Madonna [the rehabilitation hospital], I saw so many people who will probably never be able to walk again and I know I will be able to walk mildly normal, I'm fortunate,” Kaser said.


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