Fatal Fall or Brutal Crime? Outcry After Public Defender Dies While Celebrating Anniversary in Mexico

A romantic getaway became an unfathomable nightmare on Jan. 14, when a public defender's lifeless body was discovered on a walkway.

A Mexican getaway meant to celebrate their first anniversary ended in tragedy for Elliot and Kim Blair.

The couple, both esteemed public defenders, were staying at a resort in Rosarito, located just 45 miles south of San Diego.   

That romantic getaway became an unfathomable nightmare however on Jan. 14, when Elliot's lifeless body was discovered on a walkway.

Elliot would never make it back to California, and Kim returned a widow.

Inside Edition's Jim Moret is on the scene at the Los Robles Resort looking for answers.

"Authorities say he fell from this third floor walkway. He was wearing a T-shirt and underwear, clothing his family says he slept in," reports Moret. "They say Mexican authorities encouraged them to have his body cremated that would have made a thorough investigation impossible."

Inside Edition also spoke to private investigator Jim Jenks, someone who knew the victim well, and he says nothing adds up with this story.                                                         

Local reports claim Elliot fell from a balcony after drinking, but Jenks dismissed that possibility. 

"Not the Elliot I know. Trust me I've worked with attorneys that are partiers and if I heard that something like that happened to them. I'd say okay, I can see that happening," Jenks tells Inside Edition.

"The Elliot I knew and worked with, it's just totally inconsistent."  

Elliot's family is calling his death "murder," and want answers.

Mexican authorities are working with the FBI, and the State Department said today that they would support an investigation. 


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