Feisty 85-Year-Old Grandfather Is a Viral Sensation

He has 2 million followers on Facebook.

An 85-year-old has been become a viral sensation thanks to his feisty attitude. 

Known lovingly as "Pop," grandfather Joe Mack Roy achieved fame after his 34-year-old grandson, Jason Roy, started filming him for fun and the internet enjoyed the grandpa’s antics just as much.

Jason documents Pop in Texas, which they call home, but also during road trips together. The two often bicker on camera as well.

“You look good today!” Roy says in a recent video.

“I look good everyday," Pop responded. "You just don’t pay attention!”

Jason said his viewers are shocked because they don’t expect the elderly man to be so hilarious.

The videos have earned Pop a large Facebook following that totals about two million people. 

Jason said none of their videos are pre-planned.

"I don’t put any effort into it all," he said. "All I do is speak to him and hit record."

He hopes his videos inspire others to bond with their grandparents. 

"We would like for people my age and a little older to be able to relate with their grandparents and hear the stories so they can pass it down to their grandchildren," Roy said.