Firefighters Bring Excavator to Rescue Woman Trapped in Raging River

She reportedly tried to ride a tricycle over the bridge as water levels rose rapidly.

Onlookers stared in awe as a woman was rescued from the peril of a raging river.

She became trapped in the rising waters after attempting to ride a tricycle across a bridge in the Jiangxi province in China, which was already partially submerged, authorities said.

Firefighters who were soon called to the scene attempted to reach her by extending the arm of an excavator.

When she was unable to reach the machine, a rescuer donned a life vest and attempted to wade out to get to her on his own while a team held onto him with a rope.

It took firefighters about 30 minutes to bring her to safety and the woman was later transferred to the hospital. Doctors said she did not suffer any serious injuries.