Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped Under Concrete Patio

She was digging outside when she got stuck.

A dog was in danger when she got herself trapped underneath a California patio, but a local fire department came to the rescue.

Cal Fire in Riverside County received a call about the unusual situation and quickly helped out.

“We got a report of a dog that was trapped under the concrete slab of a patio,” Capt. Fernando Herrera told “A chihuahua mix had been doing some digging, and somehow managed to get stuck under the patio.”

Firefighters had to cut a hole in the concrete with a saw and slowly maneuver the dog out of it with their hands. The rescue took several minutes. In a video of the moment, the animal looked ready to get far away from the hole as they pulled her out.  

“It gets hot, that part of Southern California, and the trapped dog was in danger of dehydration ... or worse,” Herrera said.

Thankfully, the pup made it out OK and was returned to her family.

“She wasn't hurt, so that was good,” Herrera said. “The family was happy, we were happy we were able to reunite them back together. So it all was a happy ending.”