Man Surrenders 14-Year-Old Dog to Pound When He Is Evicted From Home, but Community Keeps Them Together

Mr. Williams and his senior dog Lucky are on the path to reuniting.
Mr. Williams and his senior dog Lucky are on the path to reuniting. (GoFundMe)

A Georgia local and his dog were sure to be separated after they lost their home, but a generous community was determined not to let that happen. 

A man known as Mr. Williams and his trusty dog Lucky are on a path to being reunited after eviction and homelessness forced them apart temporarily.

Williams turned to the Gwinnett County Animal Welfare shelter after he was evicted from his home last week. He had told shelter workers he had $40 in his wallet and all his belongings packed into his car, and hoped his senior companion would find a better life with a new owner, shelter worker Katie Corbett wrote on Facebook.

“With tears in his eyes – and quite frankly, everyone else’s – Lucky’s dad made the difficult decision to surrender his best friend of 14 years to the shelter today,” Corbett wrote.

But volunteers were determined not to let that happen.

Corbett sent out a plea for help on her Facebook page and followers were happy to chip in. Anonymous donors helped set Williams up in a hotel temporarily and after spending just one night in the shelter, Lucky went home with a foster.

Shelter workers are also trying to help Williams come up with a plan for getting back on his feet, including helping him purchase a van for him and Lucky to live in.

“I’ve always dreamed of driving around with Lucky and just letting him run and run and run in a field until he can’t run anymore,” Williams said, according to Corbett. “He’s never been able to do that before. That would be a dream come true for us both.”

Volunteers have also been able to raise more than $10,000 to help Williams and Lucky purchase a car and set up an emergency fund for veterinarian visits and pet food.

“Some things are just meant to be,” Corbett said. “I’m fortunate that so many of you are willing and able to help this family out.”


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