Dog Who Sat at Late Owner's Hospital Bed Finds New Home

Moose sits by his late owner's hospital bed
Eleventh Hour Rescue

There is no shortage of love for this dog.

There is no shortage of love for this dog.

Moose, a 3-year-old Labrador mix, was found tied to a railroad sign in rural Georgia in 2017. A nearby animal shelter took him in, but potential adopters showed no interest in him.

Because the shelter was getting overcrowded, and Moose would have been put down if no one wanted to take him, a volunteer contacted the Eleventh Hour Rescue to help give Moose a second chance.

After arriving at the organization's rescue in New Jersey, Moose quickly made friends with the volunteers, winning them over with his "happy personality and his love for life," Eleventh Hour Rescue said in a Facebook post.

Moose eventually met his new "dad" and the two went home together to start a brand new life.

But a year after finding the loving home, Moose's new owner died.

Eleventh Hour Rescue posted a heartbreaking photo of Moose sitting by his late owner's hospital bed, staring off into the distance. After returning to the kennel, he was in need of a home once again.

The rescue's photo went viral and the organization received several adoption applications for the cute pooch. Moose ended up going to "a wonderful family who will care for and love him for the rest of his life!" the rescue said.

Eleventh Hour shared an updated photo of a happy Moose with his human siblings, because his "mom" and "dad" were camera shy.

Eleventh Hour Rescue