Man Chooses His Dog as His Best Man: 'He Loved It'

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They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and that proved true when a groom’s Rottweiler stood in as his best man.

Christopher McCarron, 69, married his fiancee Margaret Allison, 56, on June 19 in Scotland, and right there with them, dressed in his own tuxedo, was his pup Jack.

“We had a lovely sentimental day, and Jack played a big part,” McCarron told SWNS.

McCarron adopted Jack after his son died in hopes of coping with the grief, and just by chance, McCarron ran into Allison on his way out of the Dog’s Trust Center shelter.

After they chatted, McCarron told Allison he’d keep her updated on the Jack. A romance soon followed.

“I wouldn’t have considered getting a rescue dog because of his age — he’s around 6,” McCarron said. “But when he went up to me, we just clicked. Little did I know that I’d meet my future wife at the rescue center too.”

So when their big day came along, they both knew Jack had to be a part of it. 

“He loved it, he really did,” McCarron said about the pup being his best man. "He was a star — he posed for all the pictures. ... This is our family now, me Margaret and Jack.”

And after the wedding, Jack wanted to party too.

“He had his wee tuxedo on, but he went in the garden and got a bit mucky,” McCarron added.


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