Meet the Couple Who's Gotten Married 12 Times

Inside Edition's own Jim Moret helped the pair tie the knot a 13th time for Valentine's Day.

For many, the idea of planning one wedding is exhausting enough.

But a couple from California opted for an incredible 12 weddings — in 12 different countries in 12 months.

Kenji and Taylor Taniguchi married for the first time in California, surrounded by family and friends. They then tied the knot in countries including Italy, Ireland, Thailand, Israel, Cuba and Indonesia.

"I wanted to make sure she had something memorable," Kenji said. "She wanted a destination wedding."

Taylor wore her grandmother's wedding dress during their wedding in California, but for nearly every ceremony after that, she wore a different gown.

"I have been the thrifting queen," she told Inside Edition. "I never paid more than $100 for a dress."

Traveling was the easy part. Taylor is a flight attendant so they could fly free on standby.

"By the skin of our teeth and the grace of God we got on all flights," she said.

But their favorite destination was Japan because that's where Kenji popped the question.

Inside Edition's Chief Correspondent Jim Moret met the couple and revealed he is an ordained clergyman.

"How about going for No. 13?" he asked.

Amid lots of laughter, the couple said their vows once more, just in time for Valentine's Day.

"You may kiss the bride!" Moret said.

And with that, came lucky No. 13.