Bride Invites Guests to Wear Their Wedding Gowns to Her Nuptials

Audrey Moore (center) is surrounded by all the other brides on her wedding.
Actress Audrey Moore (center) is surrounded by all the other brides on her wedding.(

Actress Audrey Moore said she and her husband wanted to share their big day with their loved ones.

A bride wanted everyone to take part in her big day – that’s why she invited all the other women that attended to rewear their own wedding gowns to the event.

Actress Audrey Moore, who most famously appeared in shows like "Better Call Saul" and most recently Netflix’s "Godless," got married in a quirky and goofy ceremony just before the new year.

“We wanted it to be something really fun and silly, but we also wanted it to be full of heart, and not just something that really celebrates our idea of marriage – which is two given families coming together – but also your friends family coming and celebrating your love,” Moore told

While it was her big day with husband and writer Jesse Lumen, she wasn’t the only one wearing a wedding dress. In fact, 10 or 15 other women, including guests and bridesmaids, also wore their wedding dresses from years past for her big day.

“I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful women inside and out who would join in on the fun,” Moore recalled. 

Moore explained that she has always loved going to her friends’ weddings and admiring their dresses. However, it made her sad that many of the dresses would then be boxed away, never to be worn again.

“I have always loved sharing the spotlight and I’m an actress, it’s not unlikely I won’t be playing a bride in a wedding dress again soon, and many of the girls have played brides in addition to being married themselves, so the pressure to really have your day stand out in this magical princess moment isn’t as high for us,” Moore said. “My mom was pretty horrified by the whole concept of the wedding, though.”

When it came to her wedding dress, Moore kept it a surprise from everyone, even double-boxing the dress and its accessories before the moment she unveiled the blue lace gown.

She even scheduled a costumed event during her wedding, at which point she put on a light up cape and became Elsa from "Frozen."

“Elsa is magical and so is 'Frozen,’” Moore joked, “Obvi.”

Her husband and the groomsmen also matched in unconventional wedding attire, donning white hoodies that bore the print of tuxedos instead of formalwear itself.

“I realized I had met him while he was wearing a white hoodie, so I think subconsciously, it was always meant to be,” Moore said.

She said she hoped the unorthodox wedding captured who they were as a couple, but also was an enjoyable event for her guests.

“Weddings can be very overwhelming. It’s a lot of pressure, it’s a lot of money spent traveling, we knew this would be the holidays so we wanted to give something to our loved ones that would be joyous and silly,” Moore said. “[My husband and I] spend enough time with each other that we didn’t feel the need to make it about ourselves.”