Groom Treks Through Record-Breaking Snowstorm to Meet His Bride on Their Wedding Day

Val Hernandez of Lubbock said he hasn't seen that much snow in his town in years.

A groom whose wedding day was threatened by record-breaking snowstorm was determined to meet his bride at the end of the aisle, even if he had to walk through 10-inches of snow to get there.

Val Hernandez, from Lubbock, Texas, and his groomsmen were seen in a video trekking through snow to get to the church after their cars wouldn’t take them any further.

“It was all worth it. It wasn’t too bad,” Hernandez told Inside Edition. “And I was ready to get married with her so I just trucked on through.”

He explained they had been warned to expect snow on their wedding day, but didn’t think anything of it since their area never usually gets very much.

But the snow started falling around midnight, and by morning, he and his bride-to-be Andrea saw more than 10 inches of snow on the ground.

“It was a pretty big freakout,” he said.

One of Andrea’s bridesmaids made her way to their home to help her get ready for the big day, but ended up getting stuck in a snowbank.

Hernandez said he and his groomsmen met her on the road to push her out and, after loading Andrea and their four kids in the car, decided to make the trek to the church by foot.

“I think I fell maybe seven times trying to dig my bridesmaid’s car out of the snow,” Andrea laughed. “I was actually in my reindeer pajamas and I was going to dress at the church. When I go there, my hair was soaked, my clothes were soaked, but I jumped in that wedding dress and my daughter and my son walked me down the aisle.”

Despite the hiccup, the happily married couple said the day was a success, only made more unique by the snowfall on the ground.

“The snow ended up making everything better, I think. It really was. It was something that we’ll remember forever now,” Hernandez said.

Andrea added, “[Our kids] all put on their snow boots and they were out there making angels and throwing snow, and we were inside dancing and eating.”