K-9 Jary Has No Idea How to Walk in Winter Boots

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Winter boots aren’t comfortable, we get it.

As local temperatures sink to as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the Rapid City Police Department of South Dakota made it their priority to take care of the K-9 that looks out for them every day.

To make sure K-9 Jary is ready for the bitter winter, the police department outfitted him with new winter boots, but the poor pup didn’t seem to take well to the new gear.

Their loyal companion couldn’t quite figure out his stride in the new boots and could be seen in a video on Facebook raising his feet up awkwardly as he walked and attempting to kick them off.

Other police officers chuckling at the scene offered suggestions to make K-9 Jary more comfortable, like chasing him around or tossing him a ball.

With a little more practice, K-9 Jary might just be ready to take down a perp in the snow.


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