Man Breaks Into Home Through Doggy Door

Lexie Linberg heard the door flap and ultimately chased the would-be burglar out of the house.

A man was filmed on home security cameras allegedly breaking into a San Diego home via the doggy door. 

The suspect took off his jacket so that he could squeeze through the tight opening at the back of the California home.

Homeowner Lexie Linberg was in her bedroom checking emails when she received an alert that someone was at her front door. At first, she said, she disregarded the alert because she believed it was a delivery. 

Moments later, another alert said someone was now in her backyard. That's when she began to worry and ran to her balcony to check.

"I was in awe that a man could physically put his body through that door," she told Inside Edition. 

Lexie, who's taken self-defense classes, ran down the stairs and armed herself to chase the man off.

"I was being as loud as I possibly could, he knew I was home, letting my dog out to go after him," she recalled.

Next to her was Stella, her 6-year-old poodle that's trained as a guard dog.

Lexie saw the intruder in the doggy door again, but this time he was scrambling to escape.