Colorado Boy Says Dog Was Stolen by Trick-or-Treaters While He Handed Out Candy

Getty Images

A Colorado family claims a group of teenagers stole their dog while trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Nine-year-old Mason Shermer was handing out candy from the porch of his Denver home with his faithful dog, Stella, by his side when the group approached, according to KDVR

"I had Stella out here sitting with me while we were giving candy away," Mason told the station. "I looked at another person and gave them candy, and then I looked back, and she was gone."

Mason immediately ran inside to grab his parents, then dashed outside to seek out help.

"I was running all the way down the block, trying to figure out if there was someone who could help me," he said.

Stella is a tiny Yorkie mix that weighs no more than 6 pounds, the Shermer family said, meaning she could easily be smuggled inside a bag. 

The devastated family has put up posters asking for assistance locating poor Stella. 

As for Mason, he has a personal plea for those who took her: Return her, no harm, no foul.

"I would be really happy [to see Stella again], and I'd probably cry," Mason said.


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