Dog Accidentally Sets Fire to Case of Soda, Causing Cans to Explode

The terrified German shepherd and his doggie sibling cower in a corner as the cans rocket across the room.

Security camera footage reveals the terrifying moment a dog accidentally started a kitchen fire after turning on the stove.

The video shows a German shepherd, Dahlia, jumping up and leaning on the side of the stove, accidentally switching on the gas burner, as a second dog, Hendrix, skulks in the background.

Within seconds, a case of soda on top of the oven catches alight and the two dogs can do nothing but watch and cower in the corner as it burns.

Suddenly, there is a huge blast as one of the cans explodes. The dogs managed to escape through a gate in the kitchen before a second can exploded. Fortunately, the fire burned out before causing more damage, and the dogs were not harmed.

Their owner, Matthew Ruffino, couldn’t believe it when he checked his security camera inside his Michigan home.

"I've never known of a dog being able to start a stove like that," he told Inside Edition. "So after actually seeing her nose turn it on, I was blown away. I've never seen anything like that before."

But Dahlia isn’t the first accidental arsonist dog. As many as 1,000 fires are started by pets each year.

To keep your home fireproof from pets, veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber suggests taking off the knobs from the oven. Instead, install safety knob covers so the stove cannot be turned on.

“That way you have a safer home,” he told Inside Edition.