Woman's 'Live Report' From Scene of House Fire Leads to Arrest of Suspected Arsonist: 'Why You Burnt?'

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Rhoda Young may not be a real TV journalist, but that didn't stop her from reporting live from the scene of a house fire, where she was able to piece together who she suspects started the blaze. 

She took to Facebook Live last week in her hometown of Norfolk, Va., where her colorful live report has gone viral. 

Young scored a big exclusive when she stumbled upon the homeowner, who was drinking a beer and watching his house burn.

As she spoke to the man in an effort to get his side of the story, she realized he had some burns in his hair and on his pants. 

"Why you burnt?" she asked him.

The homeowner waved her off, but her news sense told her something may be amiss.
"I was investigating neighbors and stuff and I was like, ‘Your hair is burnt. You set the fire!’” she later told reporters. 

Sure enough, Young exclusively captured the homeowner being taken into custody. 

Donald William Stricker III was later charged with arson. He has not yet entered a plea.


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