Postman Continues to Deliver Mail in California Region Devastated by Fire

Trevor Smith's customers, whose homes were not destroyed in the Napa Valley inferno, have treated him like an old friend.

Trevor Smith is known as the most dedicated mailman in America. 

Smith became a national symbol of hope, as he continued making his rounds in an apocalyptic landscape after California’s wine country was hit with a devastating inferno back in the summer. 

Inside Edition caught up with Smith, who's now on his route during the busiest time of the year, with a truck that's loaded with holiday cards and presents. 

As he winds his way through a charming California neighborhood, he passed the the area where every house had been burned to the ground. 

"The scar on the land, it just makes you really uneasy when you go past it," he told Inside Edition. "You just look on at the customers who are still here." 

Some of those lucky neighbors treat him like an old friend as they offer him a cold bottle of water or lemons from their backyard tree. They remember how grateful they were to get their mail, even as fires raged down the block.

They now hope Californians facing the fires ravaging the southern part of the state find their own reason to feel hope during what should be the happiest time of the year.