Neighbor Rescues Screaming Woman as She's Attacked by Pack of Dogs

A quick-thinking neighbor heard the commotion and came running out to shoo the dogs away.

A North Carolina woman was hospitalized Monday after she was attacked by a pack of dogs

Home surveillance footage shows the four mixed pit bull breeds viciously tugging at the woman's clothes and dragging her to the ground as she was walking through Winston-Salem. 

The woman, who is in her 60s, was filmed lying on the ground, screaming for her life as the dogs surrounded her.

Luckily, a quick-thinking neighbor came running out to save the woman, grabbing the victim’s purse and using it to swat the dogs away.

“I hear someone screaming. I wasn’t sure if it was around the house in this area or where, but the screaming was, ‘Help me! Help me!’ — very weak sounds,” the neighbor told WXII12.

“The lady was laid down in the driveway, four dogs around her biting. So I run to her immediately. I was screaming, ‘Get out. Get out.’ She told me, ‘Please, my leg, my leg.’ She had pajamas. I pushed up the pajamas. She had a very large and deep injury. I think I saw her bone.”

Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber spoke to Inside Edition about the incident and how the good Samaritan was able to get the dogs to go away. 

"They looked like they were running the streets, probably very hungry, and she looked like she had a bag, a purse, and I am sure they have learned that what often is in a bag is food and that is how it possibly started," he said. 

Werber said that once one dog started attacking, the others followed in what's called “a pack mentality.”

The injured woman was taken to the hospital with multiple bites and scratches on her legs, arms and head.

The owner of the dogs has been charged with assault inflicting serious injury in connection to the incident. He is also facing $3,700 in fines if convicted. All of the dogs have been taken from the home and transferred to Forsyth Animal Humane Society until the owner has safety measures installed to prevent something like this from happening again, according to authorities.