Bulldog Rescued After Getting Trapped in Tight Space Along Fence

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One pup appeared unbothered after she became trapped between a wall and a fence in a backyard in England.

Roxy, a bulldog, managed to become caught in the odd position for three hours and rescuers from the RSPCA had to be called in to help. 

In a video of the rescue, Roxy calmly hangs out as rescuers try to lift her out of the gap.

Two employees were finally able to get Roxy out, but said the dog seemed “remarkably pleased with herself to have got into such a pickle!”

“Thankfully, we were quickly able to get to her, securely pull her from the tight gap, and return her to her very relieved owners,” a spokesperson with the RSPCA said. 

Roxy is reportedly doing fine now.


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