Minnesota Dog Saves Family After Waking Them Up to Alert Them to Fire

A fire claimed this family's home.

Milo woke his family up in the middle of the night to alert them to a spreading fire.

A Minnesota dog is being hailed a "good boy" for alerting his family to a fire

On Sunday, Milo woke up his owners Carrie and Dave Hansen in the middle of the night. Carrie tried to push Milo away, but the pup persisted and eventually she noticed to room was full of smoke, according to KBJR.

Milo led the family to the source of the fire in the garage, where they saw the flames licking up against some torch tanks and a welder. 

"I was just like, ‘Time to go,'” Dave told the station.

The family fled just in time: Their home was totally destroyed in the blaze. "The whole ceiling fell down and all the rafters were burning," said Dave. "Basically everything I own was in there."

Everything ... but Milo. "[Without him] I’d probably still be laying there," Dave added.

The couple's daughter has set up a GoFundMe page to help them rebuild, and reward Milo with a bone or two.