Therapy Dog Helps Reveal Sex of Nebraska Hospital’s New Canine Companion

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A therapy dog in a Nebraska hospital helped reveal the sex of his new partner. 

When the Children's Hospital & Medical Center of Omaha, Nebraska, announced it was getting a new dog, it kept its Facebook followers in suspense about the sex of the pup.

Instead, the hospital turned to its current therapy dog, Sven, to help reveal who his new canine colleague would be, even getting him a dog-friendly cake and streaming the event live on its Facebook page Wednesday afternoon. 

Sven was so excited to nosh on the cake that as soon as hospital staff put it on the ground for him, he went to town, chomping away at it and revealing pink frosting on the inside. A female goldendoodle will be joining Sven next week.

Therapy dogs bring comfort to children at the hospital who can be going through a tough time. Now Sven will have a partner in helping his patients as well as someone to hang out with when they're off the clock. 

Sven seemed less than impressed, however. As the staff cheered loudly, the dog ignored them, keeping his focus singularly on the food. 


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