Hunters, Dogs Lead Funeral Procession for Virginia Girl Who Died Trying to Save Beloved Pup

Jennarae Goodbar, 12, was hit and killed by a car after she ran into the road to try to save her hunting dog, Cash.

A 12-year-old Virginia girl was laid to rest with her beloved dog after she was killed trying to save her pet. 

Jennarae Goodbar and her dog, Cash, were both run over in Lexington, Virginia. She was training her dog on Oct. 28 when Cash took off running into the street. She chased after him and a driver was unable to stop, fatally striking both the girl and her dog. 
The girl’s family decided she and Cash had to be buried in the same casket.  

“Having Cash and her together, I want to cry, but at the same time I’m so happy there are no tears for it,” the girl’s mother, Donna Jean Stuples, told Inside Edition. 

It was standing room only at her funeral, with more than 500 people in attendance. The procession was led by local hunters who drove their cars and trucks, each with dogs hanging out the windows or in the flatbeds. 

During the service, one of Goodbar’s favorite songs was played, Carrie Underwood's "See You Again.”

The pallbearers wore dog leashes across their chests.

As the sun set, the barking of the dogs who led the procession was audible, as if they too were saying goodbye.