Dog Who Was Shot in the Face Is Now Looking for a Home

Two-year-old Gloria was shot in the cheek at close range, then left for dead on a road in Mission, Kansas, earlier this month.

A dog who was mercilessly shot in the face is now looking for a loving home. 

Two-year-old Gloria was shot in the cheek at close range in Mission, Kansas, earlier this month, then left for dead, according to SWNS.

Someone driving by saw an injured Gloria wandering along the road and took her to Unleashed Pet Rescue, a volunteer shelter.

“When they found her she had rotting tissue on her face because she had been by herself for several days," said Danielle Reno, the shelter's founder.

Her injuries were gruesome. 

"The bullet went through her mouth and into the other side, it perforated her nasal cavity, and it shattered the maxilla bone," said Reno. "There was a bunch of swelling around one eye and the bone under her eye was shattered."

Once there, Gloria underwent emergency surgery. She survived because the bullet just missed her brain.

Still, such a traumatic experience didn't make Gloria frightened of other humans. Reno recalled the moment she met her.

"As soon as she saw me she ran up to my face and tried to give me kisses. Despite everything, she was just as sweet as can be, and so very forgiving.”

For now, Gloria is staying with a foster family until she gets better. The next step will be for the pup to find a permanent home — with a family just as eager to return the love Gloria is still eager to give.

To learn more about how you can help Gloria, click here.