Texas Couple Creates Line of Beer for Dogs

Dog beer
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"Everyone likes the idea of having a beer with their dog, you know?” said Steve Long.

Dogs truly are man's best friend — and now they can enjoy a brew together. 

A Texas couple created a line of beer specifically for canines, called Good Boy Dog Beer, according to the Houston Chronicle

"Everyone likes the idea of having a beer with their dog, you know?” Steve Long, who conceived of the brand together with his wife, Megan, told the paper.

Beer for dogs has existed for a while, but only recently started taking off, as the world becomes more four-legged friendly.

The idea first came about when the couple's Rottweiler, Rocky, started having stomach problems.

The Longs began making all his food themselves, and in so doing, discovered the recipe that became the foundation for their dog beer.

“We brewed one night, and we brewed, I don’t know, 500 cans or so. And we went out to sell it, and we were like ‘Let’s see if bars like it!’ And we sold to like five bars, in the next day," Megan told the paper. 

“We thought people were going to be like ‘Yeah, sure, maybe. Let me think about it.’" she added.

Now, they have three brews: IPA lot in the yard, Mailman Malt Licker and Session Squirrel. The drinks can be consumed alone or poured over a meal. And don't worry, it's nonalcoholic, so your pooch won't be wobbling home after one too many.

Up next for the couple? They're on the hunt for their own space to open a dog bar.