Rude Riders and Other Shocking Behavior That Can Ruin Your Commute

Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero confronted some of the worst offenders, including seat hogs.

While most people shave their legs in the bathroom, Inside Edition found one woman who chose to do it while heading to work. It is just one of the disgusting things commuters encounter every day. 

Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero rode the Long Island Rail Road in New York to see firsthand how rude some passengers can get and ended up witnessing a stomach-churning list of behaviors.

Among the more common offenses were the many seat hogs aboard the trains, including one man who used three seats as a bed. 

In another instance aboard a packed, standing-room-only train, a passenger had the nerve to put his luggage on the seat opposite him.

Guerrero confronted that man, asking: “This is a completely packed train and you're hogging that seat with a piece of luggage. Why would you do that?”

“I just put it here when I got here, nobody asked me to move it,” he replied.

"There is room up above, why don't you put your bag up here?" Guerrero asked. "See how all these people put their bags up above? That's so somebody else could sit in a seat." 

The man eventually obliged, moving his luggage. A woman took the now-empty seat as the passengers on the train applauded Guerrero’s actions. 

Guerrero also saw that many people didn't think twice about putting dirty shoes up on the seat opposite them.

One passenger told Guerrero, “I don’t give a s*** about anybody else. Why would I? Nobody else cares."

 “You have your nasty shoes on the seat — that's not very nice, is it?” Guerrero asked another passenger with her feet propped up. 

"No," the woman answered.

"What would your mother say?" Guerrero said. 

"Put your feet down," the woman replied. 

Other offenders included a passenger who used the luggage rack above to do pull-ups. Guerrero also saw plenty of trash scattered about, including beer cans, food wrappers and even a banana.

The behavior is so bad, there are even websites that post disgusting commuter habits, like Subway Creatures and Man's Marbles.

Anthony Lombard, who runs the Man’s Marbles site, actually goes on trains to give out unofficial tickets to certain individuals who really drive him nuts. He tagged along with Inside Edition as Guerrero rode the train and when he saw a woman resting her feet on a seat with her shoes off, he let her have it.

“Pardon me ma'am, I noticed that your shoes were off and your feet were up and that's rude for other passengers, so I have to give you a ticket for rude behavior on a train," he said. 

“Would you like it if somebody took their shoes off?" Guerrero added.

The woman did not respond. 

The next time you have the urge to be rude on your commute, beware, Inside Edition may be watching.