Can Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener Really Turn Credit Cards Into Blades? Inside Edition Finds Out

Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero paired up with 'Chopped' winner Celeste Rogers to put the sharpener to the test.

The Bavarian Edge is a new knife sharpening tool that claims it can turn dull knives into chopping machines.

The product’s commercial touts its ability to turn blades into tools that can slice through tomatoes and pineapples with ease. It also says the sharpener can transform a credit card into a knife.

“Simply put the card through the Bavarian Edge a few times and now it's as sharp as a razor," the commercial says.

Inside Edition’s investigative team decided to put it to the test, and find out if the product is as effective as advertised.

Inside Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero paired up with New York-based chef and "Chopped" champion Celeste Rogers.

The first test was to drop a tomato over a knife that had been sharpened by the Bavarian Edge.

While the commercial claims a tomato dropped on the knife would slice in half, the fruit bounced off the blade and onto the table.

"Oh boy, that didn't work," Guerrero said.

They tried it a second time, with the same results.

But the third time proved to be a charm. After sharpening the knife again, the tomato was cut right through when dropped on the knife.

The next test was to quickly side slice a pineapple, which is done with just a flick of the wrist in the commercial.

"It looked like butter," Rogers said in reference to the ad's pineapple test.

After Rogers sharpened a dull knife, the blade only made it halfway through the pineapple.

On the second try, the knife sliced through the pineapple smoothly.

"Beautiful," Rogers said.

The third test involved sharpening a butter knife to the point where it could cut through frozen meat.

Rogers gave it try, but was unable to slice through a frozen steak.

The last — and the ultimate — test was to transform a credit card into a knife.

“The funniest part of the commercial, to me, was when they made a credit card into a knife using the Bavarian Knife Sharpener,” Guerrero said.

Rogers used the product to sharpen a credit card, but it would not cut through a tomato.

"We left a slight mark, not even a cut through the skin," Rogers said.

But when Inside Edition gave the commercial a second look, it appears that the tomato may have been pre-sliced before it was cut with the credit card.

After all four tests, Rogers had some input.

“For the first couple of tests it seemed like it was really doing something to the knives, it became easier to pass some of the food cutting tests,” Rogers said upon completion of the four tests. "But once we start to get into some of the more outrageous tests... we really can't turn a credit card or a butter knife into a knife.

When Guerrero asked whether it lived up to the commercial, Rogers replied, "No absolutely not."