Woman 'Shocked' as Surprise Wedding Portrait Reveals Creepy Clown Hiding in Background

“I’m not terrified of clowns, but they are a little creepy,” Manda Alexander admitted.

This Texas groom was just clowning around when he presented his wife with a gift to commemorate their first wedding anniversary.

Manda Alexander, who married her husband Vincent Alexander in March 2017, unwrapped an anniversary present Vincent said he spent all year preparing.

Inside was a framed photo from their wedding with one hidden surprise, a knife-wielding clown hiding in the shadows.

“I thought it was just the most beautiful romantic picture, and then I revealed this creepy picture of the clown,” Manda told Inside Edition. “I was just shocked I couldn’t stop laughing. At first I thought it was superimposed or Photoshopped.”

But, the truth is stranger than fiction. Vincent said the clown, who was actually his brother in disguise, had actually snuck up behind the pair during their wedding portraits, unbeknownst to Manda.

“I wanted to have a clown there during the cocktail hour, the reception, just making animal balloons, pouring seltzer, just funny, but she didn’t want that” Vincent said. “We went all over the grounds of a beautiful woody museum, and I had it perfectly timed that after we got all the family shots done, my brother would [sneak up behind us] in costume."

Manda had no clue this was happening behind the scenes, but when she finally learned the truth after the portrait was presented to her, she was able to laugh it off.

"I’m not terrified of clowns, but they are a little creepy," she admitted.