What Is Mayochup? Heinz's New Condiment Stirs Up Controversy

Heinz says it will release mayochup if it receives enough support on Twitter.

What is mayochup?

The Heinz company announced in a Twitter poll this week that they will release a new sauce — a pre-made blend of mayonnaise and ketchup — if enough people vote "yes."

The controversial condiment is taking the internet by storm, with some people demanding it appear on shelves immediately, and others vehemently against it.

Food writer Ali Rosen, the chef behind cookbook "Bring It!," told InsideEdition.com that the blend of mayonnaise and ketchup is actually nothing new.

"This is a popular condiment across Latin America and the Caribbean and even in parts of the United States," she said. "There’s going to be a ton of people who haven’t heard of it, so bringing it to the mass market crowd is going to be something that, for a lot of people, will be new."

For uses in classic American foods, Rosen suggested experimenting with mayochup on burgers, hot dogs, pasta salads and other classic picnic foods.

“I like to put mayonnaise on fish when I’m cooking it, makes it more moist — fish and chicken," she explained. "So if you wanted that extra tomato flavor, you could put [mayochup] in."

While it is already loved in many parts of the United States, most notably Utah, where the combination is known as fry sauce, Rosen said she can also see why many are hesitant to embrace the new trend.

"I understand why people find it offensive, but that’s kind of what big brands are there to do," Rosen said. "They see a proven concept and then they bring it to a mass market."

And for those dying to test out the combination before the product hits shelves, Rosen has a simple and healthier recipe for those trying to make mayochup at home.

"You can certainly make mayonnaise by hand and you could add some tomato sauce to it and have a fresher version for yourself," she said.