Minnesota Beer Delivery Men Help Lure Man From Bridge Ledge With Kind Words and Coors Light

The hero workers encountered an apparently suicidal man clinging to the fence on an overpass.

A crisis was averted in Minnesota this week when beer delivery men offered a suicidal man kind words and Coors Light.

Kwame Anderson and his co-worker Jason Gable were driving over a bridge that spans Interstate 94 in St. Paul when they spotted a man clinging to the outside of the overpass fence.

In video taken by Anderson, the men slow their van to a halt and Gable calmly asks him to climb back over to the safe side of the fence. 

Anderson and Gable then exited their van and ran over to the man in a bid to stop what appeared to be his imminent leap.

Anderson and Gable told KARE the man said to them: "I am going to commit suicide. Watch me fly."

The delivery men continued talking to the man on the bridge, even as he insisted they didn't know him and couldn't possibly care whether he lived or died.

Anderson said Denzel Washington negotiator character in "The Insider" came to his mind, and he channeled those skills by building rapport with the man and asking about his life.

The men offered everything they could think of to get the potential jumper down, but he rebuffed every offer except one.

Anderson found his in when he asked the man if he "wanted to have a drink."

“Then when he said 'maybe,’ I was like, 'Officers, keep him occupied. I will be right back,'” Anderson recalled.

Anderson returned with a 12-pack of Coors Light, which he offered to the man if he came down. By then, officers had arrived at the scene.

Soon, the man came came down by his own free will. He was later taken away in an ambulance. 

Thanks to the men, and the beer, crisis was averted and a life was likely saved.

In a Facebook post, Anderson said the praise he's gotten since the incident doesn't compare to the feeling of saving a life.

"Today I was Blessed with the opportunity to SAVE a mans precious #LIFE," he wrote. "Give somebody a hug, you never know who’s goin #ThruIT"