Paw & Order: A Broken Ceramic Bird in a Case of Fowl Play

A goldendoodle is the prime suspect in a case of broken pottery.

A goldendoodle named Beaux sure looked guilty. 

There he was, cowering in the shower, as Tiffany Robertson held the victim of Beaux's crime, in front of his face.

"What happened to momma's bird? Do you know anything about this?"

The cosmic bubble above Beaux's head read "Who, me?"

But Robertson knew he was the guilty party, she said. 

"I presented Beaux with the evidence, and when he sniffed it, he knew he was in trouble," she said, referring to a broken ceramic bird that Beaux had nothing to say about. 

"At first I thought he might be innocent, but I know better," she said. 

The Louisiana homeowner gave the suspect a time out. 

"I left him in the shower to think about what had done for a while. Went back to the kitchen and after a little while, and he had thought about things, he came out and I gave him some hugs," Robertson said. 

With a full pardon, Beaux was back on the street. "He knew it would be OK," she said.