Paw & Order: Hog Wild Suspect Turns Tables on Cop in Police Chase

Willie the pig refused to squeal on any co-conspirators.

A police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to apprehend a suspect going hog wild in Florida.

Officer Ray Schilke III of the Cape Coral Police Department wasn’t sure what he was going to encounter when he was called to an animal complaint at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

A seasoned professional, Schilke had dismissed the complaints of a pig on the run as hogwash.

“A million jokes came to mind on driving there,” he told WINK News. “I’m like, 'This probably isn’t even real.'"

But Schilke quickly realized how wrong he was when he found himself hoofing it to get away from the brazen animal.

"Oh no! The pigs are being chased by little pigs," he joked as he was trailed by the animal.

Bodycam footage released by the department was rolling as Schilke ran to local residents for assistance.

“Help! I’m being chased!” he cried. 

Their confusion turned into laughter as Schilke again quipped: "Ever see a pig get chased by a pig?"

The pig, named Willie, was later returned to his home.

“Willie refused to squeal on any co-conspirators," the department said. “No charges were filed against Willie."