Paw & Order: The Case of the Not-So-Great Dane

A shredded ice cream container constituted a dogdunnit case.

Evidence of the crime was all over the living room of victim Sean Gibson of Texas.

Tiny scraps of paper, almost impossible to read, littered the crime scene and forced Gibson to fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Together, they spelled “Blue Bell Ice Cream,” which meant Gabby the Great Dane, and Rocco the cocker spaniel, had some serious explaining to do.

But first, Gibson wanted to know if it was a one-dog or two-dog job.

"Was it you, Rocco? Can you look at me? Did you do this?"

Rocco looked up adoringly and gave a little thump of his tail.

“He’s looking at me directly in the eyes and wagging his tail. So right away, I pretty much knew it wasn’t Rocco,” Gibson said.

That left only Gabby, a gangly, 1-year-old with more limbs than sense.

“Gabby, did you tear this up? Gabby? Look at me, Gabby.”

Gabby stuck her head under the coffee table, the canine equivalent of slapping one’s hands over one’s ears and singing “La la la la la. I can’t hear you.”

That “pretty much told me right away who the guilty party was,” Gibson said.

Gibson was not convinced Gabby acted alone.

“You’re an accomplice. You know that, right?” Gibson admonished Rocco. The pup responded by wagging his behind.

Gibson says he also is a guilty party when it comes to puppy parenting.

“Don’t leave them in the house alone, especially when I forget to take out the trash… that was on me.”